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DIRECT FROM PARIS TO MIAMI, WHEN THE FRENCH CABARET MEETS THE BROADWAY SHOW. Immerse yourself in “The World” of Erika Moon with over 14 years touring Europe. Evolution Burlesque allows you to partake in the most celebrated French cabarets where dance, acting, comedy, and mystery create an incomparable experience. Evolution Burlesque video Cabaret Musical show Miami Evolution Burlesque opens the door to a secret and seductive fantasy world, reaching from past to future while taking the audience on an imaginary and colorful journey. The show transports you to a distant place in space and time through adventurous travels to exotic places around the globe. Enter a crowded room of men and women and mention the word “Burlesque”. The energy immediately increases with conversation, explanation and opinions from both sides. This single word has the ability to provoke images from elegant divas to overweight comedians with more flesh showing than one likes to imagine. This word will ignite conversations from the brothels of Moscow to the stages of Paris and New York. Ask Producer / Artist Erika Moon what Burlesque means to her and a very quick and sharp response is returned — “Come to my show Evolution Burlesque and see for yourself! ” Evolution Burlesque is a production based on the compilation of over 17 years of shows, conferences, experiences and imagination of Erika Moon. The show starts out somewhere in the future with LED costumes and light sabers and transitions through time to the Betty-Boop era concluding with a surprise finale set in the Roman days of Cleopatra. Light effects, pyrotechnics, 10 foot performers, amazing music and choreography serve as the perfect platform for the seductive and intoxicating Erika Moon herself, as she sets the stage on fire – literally and figuratively! A show that is a “must see” for anyone in search of a new, innovative entertainment. A captivating hour and a half show filled with discovery, charm, entertainment and fantasy. Showing a well-blended mix of theatrical scenes, dancing becomes a game and the artist’s display sends us through an enchanting universe of glamour and elegance.

Showing this Winter 2012.

ACT I Future

The show setting is somewhere in the Future where Burlesque has the ability to show up anywhere with time travel. Erika Moon enters the Theater thru this Time Travel and her “Troop” follows her here to the Colony with a mix of fighting, dancing, and power to take over the evening.  

ACT II The Delirium of the Marquis

We move from the Future and step back a little in time to a period where Marie Antoinette and the Social Times produced surprising outcomes when mixing dance, music, and alcohol. A period where Elegance ‘by day” turns to “questionable morality” by night.  

ACT III A Betty Boo – Deception

Moving forward in Time to the “Roaring 30’s”. Burlesque was entering the stage as a form of entertainment. Betty Boo waits for her “Man” after hours of preparation only to discover that his plans did not include her for the evening but rather a “Business Meeting” with Clients. This small detail will not stop Erika Moon from carrying on with the Evening Plans without him.  

ACT III B Betty Boo – Revenge

After Erika Moon realizes that her “Man” is not coming home she decides to dress in one of her Hot Army Dresses and sets out to find him in the Club for a little Revenge.  

ACT IV Cleopatra

Set in the days of the Pharos a transformation takes place where the Power of Dance, Form of the Body, and Power of Cleopatra hypnotize you to the very end where she returns back to the future – to return again at a later date.  

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