Erika Moon’s Burlesque Magnigfique – Spring Break Edition!

April 22nd, @ 9Pm (Doors open at 8Pm)

Flamingo Theater, (Four Ambassador building) – 905 Brickell Bay Drive – Fl, 33131

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Join us as some of the finest burlesque artists and Las Vegas style showgirls come together for one hot weekend only at the Flamingo Theater in Miami-Brickell.

Produced by Erika Moon, the Spring Break Edition of Burlesque Magnifique brings a fresh and fun entertainment experience that will be a warm welcome to the scorching Miami heat. This special spring break leading to the summer themed show will take you on a trip across the Tropics and beyond with our fabulous cast! Step into a world of exotic jungles and sparkling oceans as the spectacular dancers make the temperatures rise for a truly entertaining Burlesque Revue, Cabaret, and Variety show!

This 90 minute production will feature both classic and neo burlesque, along with showgirls, comedy acts, special performances, and live music by the Miami Big Sound Combo! It’s a dynamite show that is sure to dazzle with its bright costumes, sizzling choreography, and talented performers, embodying the authentic cabaret style of the ages with a summery twist.

Whether it’s a night out with friends, or someone special, you’ll be sure to enjoy this memorable beach inspired experience, all without getting sand in your shoes!

The Location:

We are excited to bring the Burlesque Magnifique to the stunning Flamingo Theater in Brickell. This hidden gem is the perfect setting with its decadent red curtains and intimate seating and will be sure to set the mood for one very special event. Leave the everyday behind and step into our world!

Did you know?

Burlesque Magnifique show is now presented under South Florida Art Enrichment , a non-profit 501 c3 organization.

All contributions including tickets are fully deductible to the extent the law allows. After the show, ask for your certificate!

IMPORTANT Note -Dinner & Seating Map

Please note that dinner is not included in the ticket price as dinner and drinks are optional.

Ticket price is listed for one seat. Each table comes with 4 seats. If you would like to have a private table with “no sharing” and enjoy the show with only your loved ones, please be sure to purchase 4 tickets/1 table.


Burlesque Magnifique by Erika Moon @The Flamingo Theater April 22nd, Miami Brickell

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